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Knoxville Personal Injury And Disability Blog

Hurrying often results in disability claim denials in Tennessee

By the time a 59-year-old man was diagnosed with colon cancer, it was already at stage 4. His doctors soon determined that his cancer had spread to his lungs. They told him that his prognosis was bleak. Although he'd had Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) taxes deducted from his paychecks for the three decades that he'd worked as a stonemason, his application for disability benefits was denied.

In the letter he received from Tennessee's Disability Determination Services (DDS), the physician reviewer handling his case wrote that he wasn't sick enough to qualify for benefits. That doctor who was responsible for combing through his file is one of 50 on staff with DDS who are paid on a per-case basis. The quicker that they review files, the more that they're given. The fastest reviewers make the most money.

2 pickups collide in Knoxville; 4 are injured, 1 dies

A spokesperson with the Knox County Sheriff's Office reports that a fatal crash occurred along the 6600 block of Millertown Pike between Silver Creek Road and Harris Road in Knoxville on Dec. 22.

Police dispatch first started receiving calls from motorists reporting the crash just after 9:00 p.m. that fateful day. By the time emergency crews arrived on the crash scene, they found two pickup trucks both engulfed in flames. They determined that one of them had been carrying a single motorist and that a driver and three passengers had been riding in the other.

Are dog attacks a risk when you go jogging?

Jogging is one of the most common ways to stay in shape in the United States, and it may be part of your daily routine. You love getting out there and seeing what your body is capable of. You know the risks -- ankle sprains, overuse injuries, dehydration -- but you take them in stride.

There may be another risk that is a bit harder to overcome, however. What if a dog attacks? It's a serious concern and many joggers suffer significant injuries every year.

How can I prevent a car accident from ruining the holidays?

The holiday season is upon us, and that means driving conditions are a little more dangerous than usual. The winter cold brings sleet, rain and potentially snow. It also brings clogged highways and local roads that are full of stressed out and distracted shoppers. This means that you and your family need to be extra careful while navigating traffic this time of year.

Here are several tips to help prevent a serious collision from destroying this festive season:

Is a settlement in your best interest after a truck accident?

Do you get nervous around trucks sharing Tennessee's roads with you? If so, you aren't alone. The size and weight of big rigs can be an intimidating site.

It doesn't take much imagination to know that the injuries you could suffer in an accident with one of these large and heavy vehicles could change your life forever. If the evidence proves that the truck driver caused the crash, you may pursue compensation through the courts -- or you could enter into negotiations for a settlement.

A Knoxville man is critically injured after being hit by 2 cars

A pedestrian was struck by two cars out in front of Weigel's on E. Summit Hill Drive in Knoxville at 7:05 a.m. on Dec. 10.

The unidentified male was struck by the first motorist as he tried to cross the street in front of the convenience store after picking up some items there. That collision's impact caused him to immediately fall to the ground. That motorist pulled into the adjacent Weigel's adjacent parking lot so that he could call for paramedics to be dispatched to the crash scene.

Medical devices injure because regulators allow it to occur

The Implant Files, a report published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), captures how doctors, hospitals and medical device manufacturers are aware of just how dangerous medical implants are. The authors point out that these medical professionals and manufacturers are often paid to turn a blind eye to the dangers that implants pose.

Some implants are perceived as modern medical marvels. While they were created to help patients live longer, pain-free lives, they are instead causing patients further injuries and are even killing them.

A killed TDOT worker's daughter urges motorists to slow down

The daughter of a deceased Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) worker has launched an initiative aimed at reminding Tennesseans to move over and slow down when they see people like her dad out working on the state's interstates.

She was motivated to launch the program after losing her dad in April of 2016. That month, he was changing a tire on a stranded motorist's vehicle along Interstate 40 when a tractor-trailer crashed into him, killing him in an instant.

Hands-free devices and mental tunnel vision

You don't want to text and drive. You don't even want to hold your phone to talk. You realize that it's dangerous and that those types of distractions take your hands off of the wheel and your mind off of the road.

To combat it, you decide to use a hands-free device. Does that solve your problems and mean you can safely use your phone in the car?

You shouldn't ignore your traumatic brain injury symptoms

While we often hear about people developing traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) after they're involved in a car crash or being tackled while playing a contact sport, the sad news is these aren't the only types of incidents that can cause this. How much damage any individual is left with in the long term also is contingent upon how severe of an injury they suffer.

A traumatic brain injury can occur anytime an individual suffers a jolt or blow to the head or has their brain tissue penetrated by a piece of their skull, a knife or a bullet. What this means is that domestic violence victims who are struck have just as much of a chance of developing a TBI as does someone who is shot in the head. This type of injury can also occur if an individual is too close to an explosion or if they fall from a ladder or bed.

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