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If you need to pursue Social Security disability (SSD) benefits due to an injury or medical condition that’s keeping you from supporting yourself or your family, you need a reliable attorney to help you through the complex process. At Fox & Farmer, Attorneys at Law, We’re Two for You in Knoxville, giving you the resources and knowledge you need to file an effective application. With us, you come to understand the SSD program and the strict standards the Social Security Administration (SSA) has for approving claims. You can turn to our team and our more than 25 years of experience serving our friends and neighbors throughout East Tennessee.

How to file for Social Security Disability benefits in Tennessee

The process starts with an initial application, which you may complete online, at your local SSA office or over the phone. In most cases, it’s most efficient for you to submit your application using the SSA’s online platform and then follow up with the local office to make sure you have everything covered. Once you have applied, the Disability Determination Service (DDS), part of the Tennessee Department of Human Services, examines your claim and makes a decision to approve or deny it. It’s important to note that a majority of claims are denied on the first application, so you want to be ready for an appeal.

To prove a claim for benefits, you must generally demonstrate the following:

  • You are currently not working and have been unable to work since your injury
  • You have medical records that show your disability prevents you from working, including documentation of treatment for the injury or condition at the time it occurred
  • There is evidence that you have followed all medical advice and have done everything in your power to address your disability
  • You have not taken any deliberate actions that could make your disability worse

Factors affecting your SSDI claim

Even if you have a very strong application for benefits, it’s more likely than not that you’ll first receive a denial. When officials review a claim, they look at your current income and ability to earn a living for yourself. They also examine the extent of your injury or disability, comparing yours to a list of impairments that are serious enough to meet the high standards of the SSA. To be approved, you also have to be unable to perform your current or previous job and have a disability severe enough that it prevents you from doing any job to a satisfactory degree.

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Working with a lawyer who knows the complex world of Social Security disability can help you put together a claim that has the best chance at success. At Fox & Farmer, Attorneys at Law, we guide you every step of the way, from your initial application to any appeals you need to pursue. For a free initial phone consultation, call us at 865-951-7268 or contact us online. Our office is located in Knoxville, just off I-40 and I-75.