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Change the way you look at car accidents in Tennessee

Just about any significant issue has some myths surrounding it, and car accidents are no exception. Unfortunately, what we believe about these incidents may be very different from the reality of the situation. Those who have just experienced their first car accident and have never been involved in a legal situation are especially vulnerable to the many misconceptions that surround car accidents.

Car accidents: Looking for liability beyond the other motorist

Most of us already know how a negligent motorist can wreak havoc on Tennessee roadways. Car accidents caused by driver negligence occur at an alarming rate. Many victims injured in collisions desperately need compensation in order to pay for medical treatment and replace lost wages. However, when insurance claims have dried up and the at-fault motorist has no money to collect, what legal remedies remain for victims to pursue?

Uninsured or underinsured driver car accidents: What can you do?

Unfortunately, many motorists in Tennessee fail to comply with the mandatory insurance law. When one of these uninsured drivers strikes another motorist negligently, it can cause the victim many financial hardships. Most people injured in an uninsured driver car accident think they have no options to acquire recompense, but in some cases, additional solutions may be possible.

Communicating with your insurer after a Tennessee car accident

Each year, thousands of Tennessee drivers and passengers experience car accidents. Sometimes, these victims have luck in their pockets and emerge uninjured and with minimal property damage. Other times, victims suffer catastrophic injuries and a total loss of property. In either case, car accident victims have to deal with insurance companies eventually.

What are some common injuries suffered in car accidents?

It seems that everywhere you look, a car accident has already happened or is occurring. Accident reports make newspaper headlines and are often featured on the evening news. This reporting makes everyone aware of what is at stake when you take to the road in Tennessee. Not only do you risk your own safety, but also that of any passengers riding with you.

Can I file a claim if I was partly at fault for a car accident?

At one time, the state of Tennessee prohibited car accident victims from seeking compensation if they shared any amount of fault in a crash. This was known as the contributory negligence rule. After the Supreme Court decided that such a rule did not serve justice, Tennessee changed its law to give accident victims a better chance of recovering compensation.

7-vehicle car accident leaves Tennessee pedestrian hospitalized

In most cases, parking lots are relatively safe spaces. Motor vehicles tend to move slowly through these areas and pedestrians understand that they need to be alert for possible danger. However, a Wal-mart parking lot in Maryville, Tennessee proved to be a dangerous place indeed for motorists and pedestrians recently.

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