Two Tennessee motorists were injured when a school bus crashed into a pickup truck along Beaumont Avenue in Knoxville during rush hour on Feb. 27.

Calls from area residents first started flooding into police dispatch just after 8:30 a.m. that Wednesday morning. When officers arrived at the crash scene at the intersection of College Street and Beaumont Avenue, they found a disabled school bus full of kids and a Ford F250 pickup truck nearby.

Officers with the Knoxville Police Department first checked on the driver and kids who were on board Bus 271 to make sure that they were all okay.

After confirming that they were uninjured, they then turned their attention to the truck’s driver and his passenger. Both the 58-year-old year male motorist and his 43-year-old companion were transported to the hospital with undisclosed injuries. Officers wrote in their report that they didn’t anticipate that the men were at risk of losing their lives.

Once officers had finished checking on everyone, they turned their attention to speaking with the motorists and other witnesses. The injured pickup owner told police that the bus driver had run a stop sign causing the crash. Although the 75-year-old operator of the Beaumont Elementary School bus denied that allegation, police ultimately decided to cite him for failing to yield to the pickup truck driver’s right of way.

Police also found out that, in an effort to avoid being crashed into, the pickup truck driver struck a nearby lamp post. That caused three different phone poles and power lines to fall to the ground. Police called on the Knoxville Utilities Board to come remedy that situation. It was resolved by 10:30 a.m.

Busses are like tractor-trailers in that they are large and can weigh quite a bit. Because of their size and weight, they can cause significant injuries when they crash into unsuspecting victims. Holding a bus company accountable for their driver’s reckless driving isn’t easy. Getting a school district to pay for injuries that a motorist suffers at their operator’s hands can be even more complex. A trucking accidents attorney can help you recover compensation in your case.