People who cannot work due to disability may face a great deal of public scrutiny. Others often assume they are lazy, entitled or just don’t want to work. If you are a person who has a disability that prevents you from working, you know that is just not the case.

Fortunately, Social Security Disability exists so that those who are unable to work can still have basic needs met. Every person who wishes to receive these benefits must complete an application process, but many claims are denied. Some sources say that the majority of claims are rejected initially, so don’t lose heart if yours is one of them. There are ways that you can file an appeal for your case.

Reasons for claim denials

First, there are a few common reasons for claim denials:

  • Your disability isn’t severe enough or won’t last longer than a year.
  • You can do your normal job or have enough ability to do another kind.
  • Your disability resulted from addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • You did not have necessary medical evidence.
  • You did not follow prescribed medical treatment.
  • You started working again before proving any disability.

If you receive a denial in Tennessee, you can file a request for reconsideration. You might assume that you should start over with a new claim, but experts say that an appeal is more likely to result in an approval.

How do I file a request for reconsideration?

You get 60 days upon receiving the written rejection of your claim to file the request. Filing late will almost guarantee rejection. You can use the online site to file your claim or fill out three forms: the Request for Reconsideration, a Disability Report and an Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration. You can send the forms in the mail or take them to your local SSA office. Be sure to make copies in case of loss. Your decision should take three to five months.

Submit new evidence

If you have new documentation that contradicts the SSA’s original ruling, it may be enough to win your appeal. Ask your doctor to create a thorough report that includes medical evidence of your condition. The report could show your medical history, any lab results, your diagnosis and any treatment reports. Be sure your physician includes information about your inability to complete work-related activities as well as outline what abilities you retain.

The SSA could still reject your claim even after all of this is complete. There are still ways to have your Social Security Disability claim approved even after an initial setback. Working with legal counsel who can advise you on the best way to proceed may help.