A spokesperson with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office reports that a fatal crash occurred along the 6600 block of Millertown Pike between Silver Creek Road and Harris Road in Knoxville on Dec. 22.

Police dispatch first started receiving calls from motorists reporting the crash just after 9:00 p.m. that fateful day. By the time emergency crews arrived on the crash scene, they found two pickup trucks both engulfed in flames. They determined that one of them had been carrying a single motorist and that a driver and three passengers had been riding in the other.

Crews worked to quickly free all the injured motorists from their trucks. One of the passengers in the pickup carrying the four occupants was pronounced dead at the crash scene. The victim was later identified as a 15-year-old girl.

Investigators with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office’s Accident Reconstruction Team were able to determine that alcohol likely played a role in the crash while at the scene. They will be filing criminal charges against the driver responsible who was intoxicated at the time. They haven’t yet disclosed whether the motorist operating the pickup truck carrying the decedent was the drunk driver.

Drunk driving is a serious problem in Tennessee. Those who are convicted of driving under the influence may lose their license, have to spend time in jail, be assessed fines or have to participate in an alcohol treatment program. A compassionate attorney can hold motorists who drive under the influence accountable for injuring you or killing a loved one by filing a lawsuit against them.