You don’t want to text and drive. You don’t even want to hold your phone to talk. You realize that it’s dangerous and that those types of distractions take your hands off of the wheel and your mind off of the road.

To combat it, you decide to use a hands-free device. Does that solve your problems and mean you can safely use your phone in the car?

It doesn’t. People have often touted this technology as a solution to distracted driving, but the reality is that even a hands-free device can be very distracting.

Researchers say it gives you a sort of mental tunnel vision. Yes, you’re holding the wheel. You’re looking at the road. But your mind is still on that conversation or that text message. You’re not thinking about driving.

It’s similar to daydreaming, another potential cause of distracted driving accidents. Have you ever been so lost in thought that you drove right by your turn without realizing it? That same thing can happen when you’re engrossed in a conversation. You don’t actually see the road in front of you, even though you’re looking at it.

Is it better than taking your eyes off of the road entirely and taking your hands off of the wheel? Perhaps. But don’t think that a hands-free device means you can’t get into an accident because of distraction. It’s best not to use your phone at all.

Of course, even if you do that, another distracted driver could hit you. That’s when you need to know what legal options you have to seek compensation.