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November 2018 Archives

A killed TDOT worker's daughter urges motorists to slow down

The daughter of a deceased Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) worker has launched an initiative aimed at reminding Tennesseans to move over and slow down when they see people like her dad out working on the state's interstates.

You shouldn't ignore your traumatic brain injury symptoms

While we often hear about people developing traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) after they're involved in a car crash or being tackled while playing a contact sport, the sad news is these aren't the only types of incidents that can cause this. How much damage any individual is left with in the long term also is contingent upon how severe of an injury they suffer.

Authorities seeking to reduce distracted driving in Tennessee

When you are driving, you will almost certainly see a person who is operating a vehicle while distracted. A startlingly high number of drivers engage in risky and distracting behaviors while behind the wheel, and it places every other person on the road at risk. Distraction of all kinds greatly increases the chance of an accident and makes it more likely a crash will happen.

How can you prove that you are eligible for disability benefits?

If you are unable to work because of a physical or mental condition, you may experience financial hardship that will make it difficult for both you and your Tennessee family. When a disabling condition robs you of your ability to hold gainful employment, it may be beneficial for you to learn how you can proceed with a disability claim. 

What support can reduce my Social Security Disability payments?

Whether you call it a side gig or a second or seasonal job, most Americans have more than one source of income nowadays. What many don't realize, though, is how even the smallest amount of money that they generate from a job or government funds that they receive may adversely impact their ability to continue receiving Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits.

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