A work accident can not only leave you with significant and painful injuries that keep you from working but they can also leave you with medical bills and other financial losses. The aftermath of a workplace accident can be expensive, and you need to know how you can recover your losses. Many injured Tennessee workers have the right to pursue benefits and financial support through a workers’ compensation claim. 

A workers’ compensation claim may be the most appropriate option for you, but it is not necessarily the only option you have. In specific circumstances, an injured worker has grounds to seek compensation through a third-party claim. Before you accept a settlement or make assumptions about your options, it may be helpful to explore all of the avenues of compensation that may be available.

When is this type of claim appropriate?

A third-party injury claim is not the right course of action for every injured worker or after every type of work accident. However, there are circumstances in which this is a reasonable course of action that will allow you to secure the financial support you deserve. You may have grounds for this type of civil claim if your accident was the result of a third party other than your employer. Consider the following:

  • The manufacturer may be liable for injuries caused by dangerous products or tools you use in your job that caused you harm.
  • If you are successful in your third-party claim, you may have to repay a portion of the workers’ compensation benefits already received.
  • In some cases, the employer could become a party in your third-party lawsuit to recover his or her own losses associated with the accident and insurance claim.

It can be difficult to understand the right course of action after an accident, but you do not have to make these decisions on your own. By seeking help immediately after a workplace accident, you can make choices that give you a strong chance at a full and fair recovery.

Navigating the workers’ compensation claims process

If you suffered an injury in a workplace accident, you may benefit from legal guidance regarding a workers’ compensation claim or other types of civil claims. Injured workers have the right to know their options and take the course of action most beneficial for their individual situation. You may seek a legal opinion regarding the potential for a third-party claim and other steps you may need to take to get better and move forward.