If you drive, then you’ve likely heard about how distracted driving, which includes talking on the phone, texting, eating, reading or even talking with a passenger in your car, can kill. All of these can take your mind off the road. They may take your eyes and ears off of it too. Even pedestrians walking down the street can be distracted by these. It may cause them to get hurt or killed.

There’s another danger lurking out there, though, that gets too little attention but poses a serious threat to your safety and that’s “selfies”.

Yes, you read that correctly. Researchers working on a recent Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care study recently found that as many as 250 individuals worldwide lost their lives taking selfies starting in 2011 and ending in 2017.

Most of the victims who died were men. Although the researchers found that women take more pictures of themselves, men tended to take more chances to get a great one.

At least half of those selfie deaths happened in India. The next highest amounts happened in the United States, Pakistan and Russia.

Most who died from taking selfies did so because they drowned. Some fell from their boats as they attempted to post their pictures. Others were overcome by waves as they tried to snap the best shot.

For those who didn’t die by drowning, they were attacked by vicious animals, fell from significant heights or were struck by moving objects. The leading cause of American’s deaths were accidental self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

It’s unclear how many individuals got hurt during this time frame while taking selfies.

When an individual’s own negligent behavior results in their injuries or death, they generally wouldn’t qualify to receive compensation for them. However, if it can be proven that there was little signage warning of potential dangers or that an area was unreasonably unsafe, then a case can be filed. An experienced Knoxville personal injury attorney can let you know whether you have a valid claim for compensation.