A 28-year-old South Dakota truck driver was cited on Oct. 3 for causing a crash along Interstate 40 that ended up sending a family of four to a Knoxville hospital. The crash occurred right before 3:30 p.m., along the intersection of 17th Street and I-40, an area located just east of Alcoa Highway.

Police officers decided to charge the trucker with making an improper lane change after he reportedly admitted to police that he’d collided into the rear portion of a Ford pickup after merging into the lane opposite the shoulder. The trucker apparently didn’t see the pickup before attempting to merge into her lane. That driver wasn’t injured in the crash.

The trucker didn’t stop after striking the pickup, but instead, continued to accelerate forward. As he did, he collided with a 2007 Nissan that had been positioned behind the pickup truck. The impact of the crash caused that motorist to make contact with the inside wall. A 33-year-old husband and wife pair and their twins, age 2, were in that vehicle at the time.

By the time emergency crews made it to them, they had to cut away at parts of the vehicle to free them from it. Once they were extracted from the vehicle, they were all transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center emergency room. At least one of the occupants had serious injuries.

The trucker reportedly collided with a third vehicle as well. It’s unclear if they suffered any injuries. The crash scene had been cleaned up within four hours of the incident having occurred.

While determining liability in some truck accidents is relatively easy as is the case with this one, with others, it’s not as easy to piece together what occurred so liability can be determined. In such instances, the help that a Knoxville trucking accident attorney can provide can prove to be invaluable. If they find that another party’s negligence resulted in your injuries, then they’ll explain how you can recover compensation in your case.