Distracted driving continues to be one of the leading threats to Tennessee motorists. Distraction of any kind can greatly increase the chance of an accident, and it is now one of the leading causes of collisions both in the state and beyond. Many groups and government agencies are looking for ways to combat distracted driving and lower the number of distraction-related injuries and fatalities.

If you are a driver in Tennessee or you believe a distracted driver caused your accident, you have rights. One of the most effective ways to combat distracted driving is to hold drivers accountable for damages caused by this negligent behavior. Many believe that with growth and improvement in technology will come more types of distractions for drivers.

A growing safety concern

There are many different types of distraction. For example, a person can be distracted by a passenger, eating while driving, looking at a billboard or even by his or her own daydreaming. Consider the following facts about the dangerous distracted driving crisis:

  • Distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents involving teen drivers.
  • Almost half of all drivers age 25-39 admit to sending a text or even an email while operating a motor vehicle.
  • Texting while driving increases your chances of an accident by 23 times.
  • Despite laws and regulations in place prohibiting distracted driving or phone use behind the wheel, people still engage in this behavior.

The problem with texting and driving may only get worse in the future. One reason for this is due to the rise in vehicles that have in-car technology that can actually distract a driver instead of helping.

Regardless of why a person was using the phone or driving while distracted, it is still a preventable and inexcusable behavior. If you are a victim of a distracted driver, you have the right to hold that individual accountable through a personal injury claim.

The recovery you deserve

By filing a personal injury claim, it is possible to not only hold liable parties to account, it also allows you to seek compensation for your accident-related losses. Medical bills, lost wages from work you missed and continuing rehabilitation needs can be a financial burden. A civil claim allows you to gain a measure of financial stability after a crash

If you think you may have a claim, you may find it beneficial to start with a complete evaluation of your case and explanation of the options available to you.