Any type of injury could leave you facing considerable setbacks. In particular, you have likely heard for most of your life that you should do your best to protect your head. Whether that means wearing a helmet for certain activities or not participating in unnecessarily risky behaviors, these actions could help prevent a possibly permanent injury.

Of course, you cannot protect yourself from every situation that could result in your injury. If you do end up suffering a head injury, the severity could range from minor to severe, and depending on the manner in which the injury came about, you may have reason to seek compensation for damages.

Types of head and brain injuries

A head injury could mean that you suffer harm to the surface of your head, your skull or even your brain. While a bump on the head may not seem like much to worry about, you may want to remember that signs of a serious brain injury do not always present themselves immediately, and injuries can worsen over time.

Some common types of brain injuries include the following:

  • Concussion: Most people have heard of a concussion and may not even consider it a serious injury due to its relatively common rate of occurrence. However, this injury involves brain suffering damage, and one can suffer negative effects.
  • Hematoma: This type of injury results when blood collects outside the blood vessels. If this happens, a build-up of pressure could take place in the skull, and serious brain damage could result.
  • Skull fracture: As the name suggests, this injury involves your skull suffering a break. Though the bones of the skull are immensely strong, they cannot effectively absorb impact, which often means that brain damage also occurs.
  • Edema: When your brain swells, this swelling is known as edema, and it can be a side effect of various head or brain injuries. Still, it can cause serious problems, as the skull cannot stretch to accommodate the swelling.

These are only a few examples of serious head injuries that could affect you or anyone who suffers harm to that area.

How do they occur?

Many scenarios could lead to a serious head or brain injury. Car accidents, assaults, falls and a number of other events could result in this type of damage. If someone else caused the injury-causing incident, you may find yourself wondering whether you have options for seeking compensation. Filing a personal injury claim against the person considered at fault for your injury could give you this opportunity.