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August 2018 Archives

A Grainger County meatpacking plant had 27 safety violations

A U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (USCIE) raid that netted 97 illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America four months ago has now turned into a Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA) investigation. The owner of the Grainger County slaughterhouse now stands accused of hiring these undocumented immigrants and requiring them to work in a filthy workplace and under unsafe circumstances.

4 common head and brain injuries that could affect you

Any type of injury could leave you facing considerable setbacks. In particular, you have likely heard for most of your life that you should do your best to protect your head. Whether that means wearing a helmet for certain activities or not participating in unnecessarily risky behaviors, these actions could help prevent a possibly permanent injury.

Common signs that may indicate a drunk driver is on the road

For you, driving may be a task that you cannot avoid. Like most people, you may have to drive yourself to work, run errands or attend to any number of other duties throughout your day. As a result, you likely spend more time on the road than your realize. This also means that you may face more risks on a daily basis than you think.

Change the way you look at car accidents in Tennessee

Just about any significant issue has some myths surrounding it, and car accidents are no exception. Unfortunately, what we believe about these incidents may be very different from the reality of the situation. Those who have just experienced their first car accident and have never been involved in a legal situation are especially vulnerable to the many misconceptions that surround car accidents.

How does Tennessee compare to other states for truck accidents?

Despite efforts by government agencies and lawmakers to reduce trucking accidents in the nation, they continue to occur, killing and injuring thousands of Americans. When you consider the vast number of large trucks registered to operate in the country, it is surprising that more people do not suffer in such an accident. The following data may illustrate this point.

3 injured, 1 seriously, in bizarre Tennessee jet ski accident

In an unfortunate example of how accidents can occur in just about any situation, three people were hurt after a rogue jet ski struck a Tennessee beach. The incident occurred at the Cheatham County dam on a Sunday afternoon when the jet ski operator reportedly fell off the vehicle and it kept traveling before striking several people on the beach and in the water.

What can you do when your boss ignores unsafe work conditions?

Once you find a job that enables you to provide for your family, you probably try to avoid anything that might jeopardize your employment. In many cases, this might mean putting up with some things you do not like. Most jobs come with little annoyances that disrupt the day, but these are nothing when compared with situations that put your health or your life at risk.

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