Most of us already know how a negligent motorist can wreak havoc on Tennessee roadways. Car accidents caused by driver negligence occur at an alarming rate. Many victims injured in collisions desperately need compensation in order to pay for medical treatment and replace lost wages. However, when insurance claims have dried up and the at-fault motorist has no money to collect, what legal remedies remain for victims to pursue?

In some car accidents, car and part manufacturer negligence may be a viable option. For example, say that your car or the other driver’s car contained a defective braking system. If you and your attorney prove that this defect caused or contributed to the crash and/or to your injuries, a vehicle defect claim could help you recover financial compensation.

As personal injury attorney, we understand that alternative legal actions are sometimes the only way victims can find justice and financial relief after suffering severe crash injuries. Part of the way we serve Knoxville accident victims is to look at all possible remedies, including both driver negligence and manufacturer negligence. Looking at manufacturer negligence is particularly beneficial if the other motorist has no assets with which to pay a traditional personal injury lawsuit.

When giving up and accepting your fate is not an option, looking at other ways to pursue the compensation you need makes good sense. We encourage all car accident victims struggling to recover from serious injuries to remain hopeful in the aftermath of a crash. Please visit our website to find more information about your legal options after suffering injuries in a collision.