Unfortunately, many motorists in Tennessee fail to comply with the mandatory insurance law. When one of these uninsured drivers strikes another motorist negligently, it can cause the victim many financial hardships. Most people injured in an uninsured driver car accident think they have no options to acquire recompense, but in some cases, additional solutions may be possible.

If you happen to have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage with your provider, you may be in a somewhat fair position to recover compensation for your property damage. Even better, some of these policies also cover personal injury suffered in a car accident. However, because uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is not yet mandatory in Tennessee, it is safe to assume most people do not carry this insurance.

What can victims do to maximize compensation in car accidents involving an at-fault uninsured motorist? The first step is to call the police and report the accident. This is crucial whether you do or do not have uninsured motorist coverage. An accurate and official car accident report assists in proving your claim and acquiring payment from your insurer.

In the case of personal injury, you still need the accident report, but you must also seek a medical opinion to back up your injury claims. In other words, official documentation is necessary to receive the maximum amount of compensation from your own insurance company. When your insurer fails to compensate you appropriately for injury and/or property damage, you may choose to seek assistance from a personal injury law firm.

An attorney can aid you in dealing with your insurance company after the car accident. Another way a lawyer can help is by guiding you through any legal action you may wish to pursue against the at-fault motorist.