The construction injury across the nation is fraught with many dangers. It is one of the most dangerous industries in the country. Some of the common accidents that occur in construction include falling from heights, being struck by objects and construction vehicle incidents. These can lead to workplace injuries that take employees away from their jobs, resulting in missed work and lost wages.

Maintaining awareness about the risks associated with construction can keep workers safe, but even when safety is the topmost priority, workplace injuries can still occur. Recently, three construction workers in Cleveland, Tennessee, suffered undisclosed injuries in a mysterious explosion and flash fire.

According to a news report, when firefighters responded to the report of a flash fire, they did not see any evidence on the outside of the building. The site superintendent told the fire crew that an explosion had occurred. He explained that the gas company had just turned on the gas to the building and workers were bleeding the line when the incident occurred. The three workers had transported themselves to a hospital for treatment.

When the fire crew entered the area where the explosion/fire occurred, they found no unusual gas levels. However, they did see that the room had been hot enough to “melt several plastic products, scorch the working, and burn nearby boxes.” The incident is currently under investigation.

Because workers’ compensation can be unusually complicated in the construction industry, it is wise for any injured worker to seek legal help with his or her claims. Doing so gives workers the best chance of acquiring the compensation they need to recover and replace any wages lost due to the accident.