It seems that everywhere you look, a car accident has already happened or is occurring. Accident reports make newspaper headlines and are often featured on the evening news. This reporting makes everyone aware of what is at stake when you take to the road in Tennessee. Not only do you risk your own safety, but also that of any passengers riding with you.

It is safe to say that no one can truly predict the outcome of a car accident. After all, even minor fender benders can result in serious or catastrophic physical damage. On the other hand, many victims of horrendous crashes have walked away with only a few scratches. However, by looking at the types of personal injury that other victims have suffered in a crash, it is possible to estimate how bad the damage can be. Here are five common injuries car accident victims suffer.

  • Broken bones: All broken bones require medical intervention, but a compound fracture is usually considered an emergency.
  • Concussions: Head injuries must always be addressed in order to determine whether they are minor or serious.
  • Neck injuries: While most neck injuries heal easily, sometimes they result in serious conditions that may require surgery or extensive physical therapy.
  • Leg injuries: The legs and feet are very vulnerable in an accident and could easily be broken or even crushed.
  • Back injuries: Trauma to the back can result in all kinds of debilitating injuries, especially if the trauma affects the spine.

Unfortunately, driver negligence is responsible for many car accidents resulting in personal injury. Now that you know how serious the consequences may be, it is easy to understand why so many victims consult personal injury attorneys about acquiring financial compensation. It is never about becoming rich; it is about paying for urgently needed medical care.

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