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May 2018 Archives

Social Security Disability for sufferers of depression

Unfortunately, many Knoxville residents suffer horribly from severe depression. This condition affects a person's relationships and family, but it can also have an effect on a sufferer's ability to maintain employment. Many with severe depression often find it almost impossible to handle daily life tasks, much less hold down a steady job. As depression continues to be recognized as a legitimate, life-altering condition, more and more sufferers want to find out if they qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD).

What are the reasons a workers' compensation claim may be denied?

Millions of Americans toil each day in risky environments to make a decent living. Exposure to dangerous or toxic substances, frequent heavy lifting and working at elevated heights are just a few of the risky activities workers in Tennessee engage in daily.

Are you a victim of a drowsy driver's negligence?

Some people in Tennessee may not realize that drowsy driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. Car accidents caused by drowsy drivers can be as catastrophic as those caused by impaired drivers. When your body needs sleep, your brain will shut it down, and you will have no control over it, similar to the lack of control drunk drivers have.

Don't overlook your right to file a third-party work injury suit

Employers in Tennessee carry workers' compensation insurance to cover employees who suffer injuries or contract occupational diseases. This insurance system is a no-fault system that typically protects business owners from facing personal injury lawsuits in a civil court. However, exceptions exist, and certain circumstances might allow you to seek additional damage recovery through the civil justice system.

Kids, sporting activities and personal injury in Tennessee

Summer brings young people out in droves, many of them eager to engage in sports activities. Some of these sports are supervised by an organization while others occur just between groups of friends. One thing they have in common is that the risk of personal injury is a factor in all sporting activities.

What are some common injuries suffered in car accidents?

It seems that everywhere you look, a car accident has already happened or is occurring. Accident reports make newspaper headlines and are often featured on the evening news. This reporting makes everyone aware of what is at stake when you take to the road in Tennessee. Not only do you risk your own safety, but also that of any passengers riding with you.

Exceptions to electronic logging device rules for large trucks

As you may already know, a law requiring truckers to use an electronic logging device (ELD) went into effect near the end of 2017. The government believes that ELDs will keep truckers from driving too many hours, thus reducing truck driver fatigue as well as trucking accidents. In order to be an acceptable device, an ELD should have the following features.

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