In truth, shortchanging may be too harsh of a word in this case, but according to a special series aired by NPR, 10 states have made serious changes in the way they handle workplace injuries. A major consequence of these changes is that employees suffering workplace injuries are not getting the worker’s compensation benefits that they deserve and expect.

You might have guessed it by now, but Tennessee is one of these 10 states, which are now allowing outside, completely uninvolved medical reviewers to make decisions about your workers’ compensation claim. Let us be clear about what this means. A medical reviewer that has never seen you in person or been involved in your treatment can overrule your doctor resulting in a denial of your claim.

According to ProPublica, our state has consistently reduced workers’ compensation benefits for injured workers since 2002. The journalism website also indicates that Tennessee and other states are making it more difficult to qualify for a claim. ProPublica even says that some states have passed laws that “create hurdles” for those in need of medical care for a workplace injury.

We are not here to fight the entire worker’s compensation system. A goal that large will require the full might of the entire American workforce cooperating as one. Instead, we are here for you, an injured worker facing a claim denial or a reduction in benefits. By taking each claim denial as it comes our way, we can help workers in the state fight against unethical workers’ comp reform while helping you get the benefits that are rightly yours.

We urge you not to let it go if your claim was denied. Find yourself an advocate and make sure your claim denial was legal and ethical. Please see the information on our website to learn more about claim denials and reduced workers’ comp benefits.