Are you looking forward to a warm summer? Most of us are excited about the coming summer months. However, never forget that the warmth we all enjoy can injure or even kill you in a work situation.

Like other southern states, Tennessee gets hot, and we mean really hot! Those who work outdoors receive a lot of direct sun exposure, which could mean trouble for your health. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), fatigue and dehydration can cause or worsen a heat-related illness. Both of these factors are present for those who work outdoors in the summer.

For your information and continued good health, we want you to learn as much as possible about two dangerous heat-related workplace injuries. Understanding your condition can support your case for any workers’ compensation claim you make. An injury attorney can help with this goal and can also advise you if your claim is denied.

Heat exhaustion: Some of the symptoms include rapid heartbeat, dizziness, weakness and heavy sweating. Victims need immediate hydration accompanied by cold compresses or ice packs to cool down. Sometimes, victims of heat exhaustion require medical attention and at the very least should not continue working for the rest of the day.

Heat stroke: Symptoms of this illness include extremely high body temperature, confusion, seizures and fainting. Seek emergency medical care immediately for any worker displaying signs of heat stroke. While waiting for emergency help, loosen the victim’s clothing and place him or her in a shady location. Give the victim water and try to cool down the skin. Do not leave a heat stroke victim alone.

As a final word, we want to remind all of our Knoxville neighbors that they have a legal right to work in a reasonably safe environment. We urge all of you to learn more about your workers’ compensation here on our website.