When applying for Social Security Disability (SSD), you will have to meet many requirements and undergo a complicated process. While this is necessary to reduce and prevent SSD fraud, it can be intimidating for the applicant. In turn, these feelings of intimidation cause many people to procrastinate about applying for these benefits.

To many Tennessee residents, one of the most intimidating aspects of initiating an SSD claim is the interview process. People envision sitting before an inquisition and defending their disability claims. Instead, try to look at it as simply one more step on the road to acquiring the security you need. If you prepare yourself for the necessary Social Security Disability interview, you will feel much less apprehensive about the entire process.

Of course, working with a disability lawyer will typically make the Social Security Disability application and interview proceed more smoothly. By examining the details of your individual situation, an attorney can tell you what to expect during the interview. In the meantime, the tips below can also help you master the interview process.

  • Bring your birth certificate or other documentation proving that you are an American citizen
  • Bring the names and contact information of all of your medical providers (doctors, hospitals, clinics, etc.)
  • Bring documentation for each date that you received medical treatment during your illness
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your work experience and employment history
  • Bring information regarding your current condition, the last date you worked, any medical tests you have undergone and any medication you are taking
  • Be prepared to answer personal questions about your life, such as your marriage and divorce history
  • Know the details of your financial situation before the interview and be prepared to provide this information to the claims representative

While the SSD claims process may be intimidating, an attorney can help ensure your claim includes all the necessary paperwork and stand by you should an appeal be necessary.

Source: Social Security Disability Resource Center, “How to File for Disability – Tips for Filing,” accessed April 11, 2018