It is impossible to overemphasize the devastation victims of trucking accidents often suffer. These motor vehicles are massive when compared to ordinary cars and pickup trucks. A collision between these vehicles nearly always means one or more people will suffer catastrophic injuries and in some cases, death.

Anything the public and the law can do to decrease trucking accidents is welcome. One of the most effective deterrents is hitting negligent operators where it hurts the most and that is usually their ability to live in freedom. A Tennessee truck driver is now coming to terms with his own loss of freedom following a manslaughter conviction for his part in a fatal Maine trucking accident.

The collision occurred in 2016 and resulted in the deaths of two people as well as multiple injuries suffered by a third victim. According to reports, the truck driver was intoxicated, showing a blood alcohol concentration level of .09 just after the accident. Reports also indicate that the driver was exceeding the speed limit when the trucking accident occurred. Some of the additional charges against the operator include:

  • Driving while using and possessing alcohol
  • Driving to endanger
  • Aggravated driving under the influence
  • Driving while fatigued
  • False record keeping

Reportedly, the defendant will receive his sentence at a later date. The maximum penalty for a manslaughter conviction is 30 years in a prison. For victims and survivors, such a sentence would probably be welcome in this case. Even though this accident occurred outside of this state, it hits close to home because the driver resided and traveled in Tennessee, which means it could just as easily have happened right here.

Source: Portland Press Herald, “Tennessee trucker convicted of manslaughter in Knox County crash,” Stephen Betts, Jan. 30, 2018