All of us who reside in Tennessee need our jobs to become and remain successful. This income allows us to provide for our families and to acquire the lifestyle that provides meaning to existence. Most of us do not hold jobs that lead to extravagant wealth, which means that any unplanned interruption in income can result in significant financial hardships.

You already know that workers’ compensation exists to help you maintain your finances after suffering workplace injuries. However, your compensation does not automatically begin after the injury occurs. Both you and your employer have responsibilities to ensure that your coverage proceeds quickly and effectively. As injury attorneys, we recommend taking the following steps after suffering workplace injuries.

The first thing that must happen is for you to obtain medical treatment for your injury. This is important to your health and recovery as well as to your workers’ compensation coverage. Without medical documentation, you will likely not be eligible to receive compensation.

Secondly, you must report and record the incident as soon as possible. Most workplaces have special documents to fill out in the aftermath of an injury. You will need to record what you were doing when the accident occurred as well as how it happened. We cannot overstress the importance of providing this information accurately and as quickly as possible. Failure to do so may seriously affect your eligibility.

It is also crucial to learn all you can about your workers’ compensation rights to ensure you receive the coverage to which you are entitled. Part of this includes keeping track of your claim and all of the information related to your injuries. This will protect you and your employer as well.

Finally, we want you to understand that you are not without legal options if your claim is denied or if you experience difficulties with your claim. An attorney can help you by making sure you receive fair treatment throughout your ordeal. Please browse our workers’ compensation web page if you need more information.