As nearly all dog lovers will tell you, many factors determine whether a dog will attack a person. The way an animal is raised and handled plays a critical role in the dog’s behavior towards people. For example, most any dog can learn to bite or attack a human, especially if the animal’s owner encourages this behavior.

Most opinions list pit bulls and Rottweilers as the two most dangerous dog breeds in the world, but a few other dog breeds have found their way into this category.

  • Doberman pinschers: Naturally aggressive to people they do not know, these dogs are strong and fast, which can add to the risk of suffering personal injury in an attack.
  • Bullmastiffs: Also naturally aggressive, these large dogs benefit from a gentle hand and good obedience training.
  • Boxers: Commonly used as attack and guard dogs, Boxers have powerful jaws that can cause a great amount of injury. They typically need sound training to quell their aggressive tendencies.
  • Great Danes: With proper training, these massive dogs can be sweet and even cuddly. However, if they do attack a person, their sheer size can result in serious or even fatal personal injury.

Unfortunately, dogs do not understand all of the rules that govern good behavior. As such, it is important to provide them with a good upbringing and the right training. This reduces the risk that an animal will become aggressive and attack you or other people.

Tennessee law offers victims a way to hold the animal owner responsible for any personal injury suffered in a dog attack. The only exception to this law is if the victim was trespassing on the owner’s property. In such cases, the animal owner is not responsible for the trespasser’s injury.

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