In most cases, parking lots are relatively safe spaces. Motor vehicles tend to move slowly through these areas and pedestrians understand that they need to be alert for possible danger. However, a Wal-mart parking lot in Maryville, Tennessee proved to be a dangerous place indeed for motorists and pedestrians recently.

On Thursday afternoon, a reportedly “out-of-control” motor vehicle struck a 73-year-old man in the parking lot of Wal-mart. The victim was standing near the rear end of his own car when the other vehicle struck him. An ambulance transported the victim to University of Tennessee Medical Center with unnamed injuries. As of Friday night, the man was in stable condition.

A 91-year-old man was operating the out-of-control car, an Oldsmobile 88. According to crash reports, the driver was backing out of his parking spot. His vehicle suddenly accelerated, pinning the victim between his own car and the Oldsmobile, which kept accelerating.

Just as suddenly, the Oldsmobile accelerated forward and stuck several other vehicles before colliding with a light pole and coming to a stop. Reports indicate that the Oldsmobile nearly struck two other pedestrians during the disturbance. Witnesses, including a police officer, said the Oldsmobile’s tires were squealing as the car appeared to accelerate “very quickly.”

The police did not issue any citations and indicated that neither drugs nor alcohol appeared to contribute to the car accident. The operator of the motor vehicle reported that the accelerator on the car became stuck. This accident serves as a good example of possibly negligent vehicle manufacturing or defective auto parts. In such cases, victims can seek damages in a personal injury claim.

Source: The Daily Times, “Pedestrian stable after seven-car crash outside Maryville Walmart,” Wes Wade, Feb. 17, 2018