Whether you are new to a job or are a seasoned veteran, it is important to remain vigilant to danger at all times. New workers may face hazards with which they are unfamiliar, and seasoned workers can allow complacency to lull them into a false sense of security. When workplace injuries do occur, they can be minor and only keep you out of work for a few days, or they can be serious enough to threaten your life and your income.

While workers’ compensation is in place to help you replace lost wages and manage your medical care, a better approach is to avoid workplace injuries altogether. When it comes to remaining injury-free in the workplace, you share a portion of responsibility with your employer regarding your safety. A good approach to this is constantly reminding yourself about some of the most common hazards you may face.

Working at heights: Be sure your employer provides you with safety equipment to protect you from falls. You must do your own part to stay safe by using this equipment properly and at all times when working at heights.

Dangerous clutter: A key way to increase your safety is to work in an orderly and clutter-free environment. Your employer should monitor your workspace and keep it free of tripping and other hazards and you should also keep an eye out for potential hazards.

Toxic substances: Many industries require the use of chemicals. Your employer should inventory and track these substances and ensure their proper use. You must also make certain you understand the dangers associated with these substances and take appropriate safety measures.

For those who have suffered workplace injuries and need help with their claims, consider speaking with a Tennessee lawyer. An attorney can help with filing a workers’ compensation claim while ensuring you get fair and appropriate treatment in your place of work.

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