One of the most common things we hear from our Knoxville neighbors is that they did not realize they had grounds to file a personal injury claim. To those who have never experienced a serious injury, it seems straightforward. A person suffers an injury because of another party’s negligence or carelessness and files a claim. However, these legal issues can actually be complicated and confusing in some cases.

We understand that not everyone has the legal knowledge to know whether they have a personal injury case. As injury lawyers serving Tennessee residents, we like to tell potential clients to ask themselves a series of questions to help them identify when to speak with an attorney. These questions will work in car accidents and premises liability cases.

  • Did your injuries occur because of your own actions? If you look back on the incident and are able to see that you and you alone caused the injury, then you may not have a claim.
  • Do you know or believe that another party caused or contributed to your injuries? If you can answer yes to this question, then it is advisable to have your incident investigated by a legal firm.
  • Did your injuries occur on another party’s public or private property? Anytime you suffer injuries away from your home, it is a good idea to seek a legal opinion. Attorneys can often uncover liability that you initially overlooked.
  • Do you feel victimized by the incident? Sometimes our feelings tell us things our minds have missed. If you continue to feel like a victim, it may be worth your time to schedule a consult.

You can find additional information about all types of personal injury on our website. Please visit us to learn more about car accidents, premises liability, wrongful death and even work-related injuries.