Truck drivers all over Tennessee and the country are required to complete a document known as the trucking log. This document is kept on a clipboard in every truck that hits the roads and must be filled out by the driver on a regular basis. So, why is the trucking log such an important document? We will tackle this question in today’s post.

The trucking log is important because it is commonly used as evidence in serious trucking accident cases. Since truck drivers are required to complete a log each time they drive, and do so honestly, these documents make for strong pieces of evidence in various truck accident cases.

A trucking log keeps drivers honest when it comes to their time spent driving. Truck drivers are required by law to drive no more than 11 hours of actual driving after they spent 10 or more hours resting. At the same time, drivers cannot be on-duty for more than 14 hours after spending 10 hours resting. This timeframe includes the driver sitting in the front seat as a passenger.

Trucking logs can be audited without notice. Even a slight, honest mistake can turn into a big problem for not only the truck driver but also the trucking company. All truck logs must be filled out in their entirety and honestly, or else the company can be fined.

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