When large commercial trucks get into accidents with consumer vehicles, the results are often devastating. Unfortunately for many drivers, the widespread prevalence of large commercial trucks throughout our highways and interstates leads many drivers to grow a little too comfortable when sharing the road, and they may not always remain aware of the risks of driving near commercial vehicles. When these accidents do occur, the victims often do not know how to respond or how to protect themselves in the aftermath.

In many cases, it is wise to call for an attorney to come out to scene of the accident in the moment, to help victims understand their legal rights, and to gather evidence for a personal injury claim before the cleanup crew removes the wreckage.

The attorney can help the victim communicate with the other parties without endangering the victim’s legal rights, especially when it comes to accidentally accepting liability for the accident. Many victims do not realize that the things they say at the scene of an accident may carry legal consequences. If, for instance, one driver apologizes to another, the driver who receives the apology may claim that the party who apologized accepted liability for the accident by doing so.

The attorney may also interview other drivers or witnesses, may collect photo and video evidence, and may review the log book of the commercial driver, among other kinds of potential evidence gathering. While a victim may be able to do these things, it is always wise to seek out professional guidance, especially in matters as potentially costly and protracted as a commercial truck accident.

If you recently suffered a collision with a trucker, do not wait to reach out to an experienced, professional attorney who understands the nuances of pursuing claims that arise from trucking accidents. Not only do commercial trucks cause enormous damage, they may involve multiple parties in the lawsuit, depending on the nature of the accident and the causes that lead to it. Be sure to protect yourself with every tool you have available.

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