When you go to work each day, you likely aren’t worried that you will be injured in an accident, especially if you work in a simple office setting. The fact of the matter is that accidents can happen at any place of employment, even the most unassuming ones. You always need to be on the lookout for potential safety hazards and report or fix them immediately.

If you are injured in a workplace accident, you must have your injury examined immediately. Even if the injury appears to be minor in nature, you should seek medical care and document it for future legal recourse.

Your employer likely has a bunch of forms for you and your doctor to complete. Take these forms with you to the doctor or hospital when you get the injury evaluated. The forms also include a section for when the employee can return to work and if the employee needs to be on limited or light duty work.

All employees injured in a workplace accident should report the incident to their supervisor as much as possible. Reporting the incident early helps management understand what happened and how to fix the issue. It also notifies management that an employee will be leaving work for medical care and might not be returning anytime soon.

Be sure to follow all the instructions issued by your doctor or attending doctor at the hospital. This includes getting plenty of rest, how to rehabilitate the injury and if you need to have a consultation with a surgeon.

After you seek medical care for your workplace accident an experienced Social Security Disability attorney in Knoxville can help you learn more about your options. You will want to understand your rights after suffering an injury.

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