Driving is a dangerous enough activity as it is. Combine it with the hazards you can experience during the fall season and driving can become overwhelmingly dangerous. The fall season brings deer, fog, sun glare, wet leaves and plenty of other hazards that can cause tragic accidents. Here’s how you can avoid accidents this fall in Knoxville.

Deer are a big problem when the fall season rolls around because it’s their mating season. That’s why you see so many of them in and around Knoxville this time of year. You need to scan the sides of the road when you are driving. Look for those yellow eyes, which can be seen at times. If you see a deer, try to slow down in an effort to avoid a potential accident.

Fog is a big issue in the fall. As temperatures fluctuate, fog will develop. It’s very dangerous driving in the fog, no matter how thick it is. If you find yourself in a foggy area, it’s best to get off the road safely and wait for it to lift. Do not pull onto the shoulder as approaching vehicles will not be able to see you. Wait out the fog in a parking lot.

Sun glare can be blinding in the fall. The sun sits lower in the sky, making the afternoon drive home from work or school vehicle difficult if there’s no cloud cover. Wear sunglasses while driving and pull safely off the road if you are struggling to see what is in front of you.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident or lost a loved one in a car accident, an experienced personal injury attorney in Knoxville can help you learn about the options available in your case.