Workers at an automotive plant in Tennessee were informed in March by the company that they had been exposed to harmful chemicals and that they likely carried those chemicals home to their families. Now, those employees and their families have no idea if the chemicals will cause them to develop lung cancer or other illnesses.

The company in question is Tenneco Inc., based in Smithville. The news broke publicly about this issue earlier in the week some eight months after employees were first informed of the exposure. The employees were notified of the exposure due to the company receiving 20 citations by the Tennessee Occupational and Safety Health Administration. The citations were for employee exposure to a byproduct of welding that is known for cancer, hexavalent chromium.

People exposed to hexavalent chromium have been known to suffer from sinus and nasal cancer, skin and nasal irritation and ulcers, liver and kidney damage and eye damage and irritation.

The plant’s Smithville location is responsible for manufacturing various automotive parts for Toyota, General Motors, Chrysler, Nissan and Honda. One of the employees of the plant spoke with multiple news outlets regarding the exposure. He said he already suffers from dermatitis and nose bleeds, which are symptoms of exposure to hexavalent chromium. He is worried that he unknowingly brought home the dangerous chemical to his young daughter.

According to the report, the company will be forced to install a multimillion-dollar ventilation system that will filter the toxins and dust from these chemicals out of the building.

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Source: World Socialist Web Site, “Tennessee auto parts workers and their families exposed to cancer-causing chemicals,” Nov. 10, 2017