A work accident can be the source of many complications and stressful issues in your life. From the medical care you need to paying your bills while you can’t work, your on-the-job accident may have a significant negative impact on your life. In your situation, one of the most productive things you can do is to seek an assessment of your rights and an explanation of the benefits available to injured Tennessee workers.

You may know that one of your rights includes financial support through your employer’s workers’ compensation coverage, but you may not know what that means for your specific situation. In addition to medical care and recovery of lost wages, you would also be eligible for vocational rehabilitation.

What is vocational rehabilitation?

In some cases, a work accident and the injuries that follow could affect your future in more ways than you originally anticipated. In some cases, it could actually affect your ability to return to the same job as before. In this case, your workers’ compensation benefits would cover vocational retraining, which is preparation and training for new employment. Depending on what you need and the nature of your situation, you could be eligible for the following types of vocational rehabilitation:

  • Training for a new job or position with your current employer
  • Assistance with job searching
  • Tuition for any further education needed
  • Wage assessment evaluations
  • Management of the medical case and accommodation assistance
  • Training and assistance for interview skills and resume preparation

If you are uncertain that you will be able to return to the same job after a work accident, you may feel overwhelmed and concerned about your ability to earn a living. These concerns are normal, but you could have various options available to you. With support and guidance, you may be able to claim the training and assistance needed to get back to work, even if it isn’t the same work you had before.

Life after a work accident

It’s difficult to rebuild, recover and move on after a serious accident. Your new limitations and medical or physical needs should not preclude you from earning a living, but you have the right to get help with the skills and training needed for your pursuit of new employment.

Regardless of your needs or financial losses after an on-the-job accident and workplace injury, you are entitled to a complete explanation of your rights. You would be wise to begin simply by seeking a complete evaluation of your case and an explanation of your options.