Going to work should not be dangerous unless you work in an inherently dangerous profession like the emergency services, construction or demolition. Your workplace is required to follow rules, guidelines and safety procedures outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). So, how do you file a health and safety complaint with OSHA?

There are three methods available for you to file a health and safety complaint with OSHA. You can file a complaint online, via fax or mail and over the telephone. If you wish to file the complaint online you should ensure that it is a written complaint that is signed by either you as the employee or your legal representative. The complaint will then be investigated by an Area or Regional OSHA office.

Should you decide to file via fax or mail you will need to download and complete the complaint form found on the website for OSHA. You will then need to send the completed form via fax or mail to your local OSHA Area or Regional office. Your contact information must be included on the form so the office can contact you regarding the complaint.

When you file the complaint via telephone you will be able to speak with a representative. If the issue is life-threatening, be sure to call your local OSHA office immediately with the complaint.

Do you need to file a health and safety complaint with OSHA? Do you believe that your employer is not following OSHA guidelines? An experienced workplace safety attorney in Knoxville can review your case and advise as to how it can proceed.

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