Distracted driving has quickly become a big problem in the state of Tennessee and across the country. It might not have reached the status of epidemic yet, but it is getting there. Distracted driving is nothing new, but it has become more problematic ever since cellphones were introduced. It is an even bigger problem now that smartphones are present.

Eating or drinking when behind the wheel is a dangerous habit for drivers to have. This has been a cause of distracted driving ever since the automobile was invented. Drivers who concern themselves with looking for a snack can easily drive off the road. Also take into account spilling hot beverages as a distraction.

Having a pet in the car with you is also a distraction, even if they are locked in a crate or in the rear of the vehicle. An especially dangerous habit is to have the pet in the passenger seat or own your lap when driving.

As much of a problem as phones have been, the in-dashboard electronic screens as just as big of a distraction when driving. Drivers can easily become distracted using these screens to follow a map, play music, make a hands-free call and more. Even the brightness of the screen can be distracting when driving at night.

Having your children in the car can also be a distraction. Talking to them, yelling at them or trying to get them a snack or a cup of juice can lead to a tragic accident.

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