The aftermath of suffering serious injuries in a workplace accident can be a stressful and daunting process. Following your accident, you might experience financial challenges that often accompany extensive medical costs, and if forced to take time off of work, you could be feeling somewhat overwhelmed and in need of relief.

Perhaps you chose to seek relief through the workers’ compensation insurance system. The application process is challenging enough on its own, but what happens if your claim results in a denial?

Reasons a claim might not result in approval

Chances are, you may wish to appeal the decision and begin receiving the benefits you believe you deserve, but you may be uncertain how to achieve this goal. Understanding why a claim could result in rejection might prove crucial, and some common reasons for this result may include the following:

  • Timing:  Concerning claims for workers’ compensation, timing is of the essence. Waiting too long to report your injury or to file your claim, could hinder your ability to pursue compensation.
  • Employer dispute:  In some cases, an employer may also dispute a claim for benefits by claiming the injury took place outside of work or was the result of behavior that is in violation of company codes.
  • Type of injury:  State rules often dictate which types of injuries are eligible for compensation, and understanding how this might affect your claim could be beneficial.
  • Medical attention:  Following a workplace injury, you should seek medical attention and keep track of all your treatments, as they could prove critical to the process of pursuing compensation.

Although these may be some of the most prevalent reasons for denial, there are a multitude of circumstances in which you might receive such results. With numerous aspects to cover, it could be in your best interests to speak with someone who has experience in appealing decisions for workers’ compensation claims.

Obtaining assistance

With medical bills piling up and a loss of income due to your current inability to work, you likely have enough weight on your shoulders as is. A denial of benefits can be devastating, and you might choose to file an appeal, but the process can be exceedingly daunting. You could choose to obtain assistance from someone with extensive knowledge in federal and Tennessee state workers’ compensation laws. An experienced attorney can help you receive the full amount of benefits to which you are entitled and to fight against any wrongfully denied claims.