No matter how long you’ve been driving, things can quickly get scary when operating on the roads of Tennessee. There’s no shortage of large trucks and buses in and around the Knoxville area. These vehicles are so difficult to drive near because of their size. Here are some tips to protect yourself when near trucks and buses.

Large trucks and buses have “no zones,” or blind spots, that you should avoid as much as possible. Even if it means slowing down your speed until you have put plenty of distance between the two of you, you should stay out of blind spots. These areas are on all four sides of the vehicle, but are especially dangerous on the left and right sides of trucks and buses. If you cannot see the driver of the large vehicle in its side mirror, the driver won’t be able to see you.

Do your best to never tailgate a large truck or bus. It’s also important to never tailgate any vehicle. This is paramount to your safety. You won’t leave enough space to stop at a moment’s notice when you tailgate. A rear-end accident with a truck or bus can be devastating, potentially crushing your vehicle and you and any passengers in your car.

If you need to pass a large truck or bus, be sure to leave yourself with plenty of room. If you pass a large vehicle too closely it might wind up clipping the rear of your vehicle, sending you into a tailspin or even flipping your vehicle.

Not sure what to do after a trucking accident in Knoxville? Your best bet is to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to review your case and find out where you stand in terms of receiving compensation for your injuries.

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