Having a job should not be a dangerous part of life, unless you work as a first responder or in another type of inherently dangerous profession. You should feel safe at your job for two reasons: Your employer has put policies in place to protect you while at work and your co-workers operate safely.

You should never take shortcuts on the job. Even if your job does not seem dangerous, it’s still possible for you to suffer an injury when you least expect it. Shortcuts will not benefit you in the long run and can lead to significant injuries.

Always wear the protective equipment that is provided by your employer. There’s a reason the equipment was issued to you on your hire date. Don’t take it home with you. Make sure it is put away each night somewhere you know it will be the next morning. Protective equipment can include goggles, helmets, gloves, boots and even full body suits.

Be sure to follow the safety procedures created by your employer. These procedures have been created for a reason and you should never deviate from them. Safety procedures should be discussed regularly and be in written form for employees to access at their discretion.

Attend as much safety training as possible. If your employer offers safety training on a regular basis, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to attend the training every so often to keep up with the company’s policies and procedures.

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