Several families have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer and installer of X-LITE guardrail end terminals after accidents where the vehicles struck the end terminals, and they failed to perform as expected and caused fatalities.

Designed To Absorb The Force Of The Impact

The ends of guardrails are capped with end terminals which are intended to telescope. When a vehicle impacts the end of the guardrail, the end should collapse. This allows for the force of the impact to be absorbed more gradually, thereby minimizing the harm caused to vehicle occupants. 

In several different accidents, the guardrail end terminals failed to collapse during an impact. The families allege the failure to collapse caused metal beams to pierce the vehicles and kill people inside. The families also claim that this guardrail has been linked to seven deaths across the country.

The families are suing the manufacturer, Lindsay Corporation, and the installer, Cumberland Guardrail, Inc. They allege that the guardrail is defective and that it was improperly installed and that both factors led to the failures and loss of life.

TDOT Had Concerns Regarding This Type Of Guardrail

The Tennessee Department Of Transportation (TDOT) had already ceased purchasing this kind of guardrail last year due to performance concerns. TDOT is now in the process of replacing these guardrails throughout the state.

It Is Not Always Clear Who Is At Fault After A Car Accident

As these cases show, not all car accidents are cut and dry when it comes to who is responsible for the harm suffered. Even in single-car accidents, it is wise to have the circumstances investigated for any possible liability by an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney who can uncover negligent parties.