According to data from the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR), more construction workers were killed in struck-by accidents between 2011 and 2015 than in any other industry. The data shows that during that period, more than 800 construction workers died in such incidents. Workers who were 65 or older were more likely than younger workers to die in this manner.

Of those who died, 52 percent were killed after being hit by equipment or objects other than vehicles. Of those who were struck by vehicles, 57 percent were struck in work zones, and highway maintenance workers were the most adversely affected. To keep construction workers safe, OSHA has created the Focus Four program. It aims to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by the four most common types of construction accidents.

Falls are the most common type of fatal accident for construction workers. In the summer of 2016, OSHA increased the civil penalties that a company could face for not being compliant with safety rules. While OSHA used to share news about companies being cited or fined for not complying with safety regulations, those have mostly stopped since Donald Trump took office. This is likely because of his goal of cutting regulations wherever possible.

Those who are injured on the job might be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Workers are largely entitled to them regardless of why the accident occurred, and it may be possible for workers to have all of their medical bills covered. Partial wage replacement might be available as well. An attorney can explain the process in more detail.