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What are the reasons a workers' compensation claim may be denied?

Millions of Americans toil each day in risky environments to make a decent living. Exposure to dangerous or toxic substances, frequent heavy lifting and working at elevated heights are just a few of the risky activities workers in Tennessee engage in daily.

Workers' compensation may be quietly shortchanging your benefits

In truth, shortchanging may be too harsh of a word in this case, but according to a special series aired by NPR, 10 states have made serious changes in the way they handle workplace injuries. A major consequence of these changes is that employees suffering workplace injuries are not getting the worker's compensation benefits that they deserve and expect.

Recommended steps to take in the aftermath of workplace injuries

All of us who reside in Tennessee need our jobs to become and remain successful. This income allows us to provide for our families and to acquire the lifestyle that provides meaning to existence. Most of us do not hold jobs that lead to extravagant wealth, which means that any unplanned interruption in income can result in significant financial hardships.

Stay alert to these common workplace hazards

Whether you are new to a job or are a seasoned veteran, it is important to remain vigilant to danger at all times. New workers may face hazards with which they are unfamiliar, and seasoned workers can allow complacency to lull them into a false sense of security. When workplace injuries do occur, they can be minor and only keep you out of work for a few days, or they can be serious enough to threaten your life and your income.

Autoworkers in Tennessee exposed to harmful chemicals

Workers at an automotive plant in Tennessee were informed in March by the company that they had been exposed to harmful chemicals and that they likely carried those chemicals home to their families. Now, those employees and their families have no idea if the chemicals will cause them to develop lung cancer or other illnesses.

How do I file a health and safety complaint?

Going to work should not be dangerous unless you work in an inherently dangerous profession like the emergency services, construction or demolition. Your workplace is required to follow rules, guidelines and safety procedures outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). So, how do you file a health and safety complaint with OSHA?

5 steps to reduce risk of workplace injury

Having a job should not be a dangerous part of life, unless you work as a first responder or in another type of inherently dangerous profession. You should feel safe at your job for two reasons: Your employer has put policies in place to protect you while at work and your co-workers operate safely.

Common dangers Tennessee construction workers face

According to data from the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR), more construction workers were killed in struck-by accidents between 2011 and 2015 than in any other industry. The data shows that during that period, more than 800 construction workers died in such incidents. Workers who were 65 or older were more likely than younger workers to die in this manner.

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