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Do you have a personal injury case? Ask yourself these questions

One of the most common things we hear from our Knoxville neighbors is that they did not realize they had grounds to file a personal injury claim. To those who have never experienced a serious injury, it seems straightforward. A person suffers an injury because of another party's negligence or carelessness and files a claim. However, these legal issues can actually be complicated and confusing in some cases.

We understand that not everyone has the legal knowledge to know whether they have a personal injury case. As injury lawyers serving Tennessee residents, we like to tell potential clients to ask themselves a series of questions to help them identify when to speak with an attorney. These questions will work in car accidents and premises liability cases.

  • Did your injuries occur because of your own actions? If you look back on the incident and are able to see that you and you alone caused the injury, then you may not have a claim.
  • Do you know or believe that another party caused or contributed to your injuries? If you can answer yes to this question, then it is advisable to have your incident investigated by a legal firm.
  • Did your injuries occur on another party's public or private property? Anytime you suffer injuries away from your home, it is a good idea to seek a legal opinion. Attorneys can often uncover liability that you initially overlooked.
  • Do you feel victimized by the incident? Sometimes our feelings tell us things our minds have missed. If you continue to feel like a victim, it may be worth your time to schedule a consult.

Stay alert to these common workplace hazards

Whether you are new to a job or are a seasoned veteran, it is important to remain vigilant to danger at all times. New workers may face hazards with which they are unfamiliar, and seasoned workers can allow complacency to lull them into a false sense of security. When workplace injuries do occur, they can be minor and only keep you out of work for a few days, or they can be serious enough to threaten your life and your income.

While workers' compensation is in place to help you replace lost wages and manage your medical care, a better approach is to avoid workplace injuries altogether. When it comes to remaining injury-free in the workplace, you share a portion of responsibility with your employer regarding your safety. A good approach to this is constantly reminding yourself about some of the most common hazards you may face.

What does the attractive nuisance doctrine mean?

If you are a parent, you probably understand how the curiosity of children can sometimes get them into trouble. Perhaps your child has touched a hot stove or climbed onto an unsafe surface in your home. Even though you and other parents in the Knoxville region likely strive to teach your kids about safety, curiosity can still place them in hazardous situations. This is especially the case as children grow older and begin to explore their neighborhoods.

The attractive nuisance doctrine may come into play if your child suffers a personal injury on another person's property. The doctrine recognizes that children might be attracted to certain place or objects that could injure them. As such, it is a property owner's duty to ensure attractive nuisances remain secure so that curious children cannot reach them.

An attorney can start protecting you at the scene of an accident

When large commercial trucks get into accidents with consumer vehicles, the results are often devastating. Unfortunately for many drivers, the widespread prevalence of large commercial trucks throughout our highways and interstates leads many drivers to grow a little too comfortable when sharing the road, and they may not always remain aware of the risks of driving near commercial vehicles. When these accidents do occur, the victims often do not know how to respond or how to protect themselves in the aftermath.

In many cases, it is wise to call for an attorney to come out to scene of the accident in the moment, to help victims understand their legal rights, and to gather evidence for a personal injury claim before the cleanup crew removes the wreckage.

The inexperience of a teenage driver could prove deadly

Tennessee parents all across the state both dread and look forward to their teenagers being able to get a driver's license. It's a sign of independence and often seen as a rite of passage. On the other hand, it marks a time when parents can no longer protect their children from the hazards of driving.

In 2015, 99,000 injuries and 1,972 deaths occurred with a teenager at the wheel of a car. The fact is that the inexperience of a teenage driver does put him or her at greater risk of being involved in an accident, but that isn't the only hazard a teen faces when behind the wheel.

Important info needed to file for Social Security Disability

Suffering an injury or illness at work can create quite a stressful situation for you and your family. You could find yourself out of work for an extended period due to your injury or illness. If this is the case you should file for Social Security Disability (SSD) in order to continue to pay the bills. Here is the information you will need in order to file a claim in Knoxville.

A disability claim takes anywhere from three to five months to process compared to other types of claims filed with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Because of this, you should ensure you have all of the required information and documentation to file when ready so as not to waste precious time. The information required includes the following:

  • Proof of age and your Social Security number
  • The names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of visits to doctors, hospitals, clinics, caseworkers and other specialists
  • Names and dosage information for all medications prescribed to you
  • Medical records from doctors, caseworkers, hospitals, clinics and other specialists
  • Test and lab results
  • Summary of where you have worked and the type of work you performed
  • If you are self-employed, a copy of your federal tax return. If you are not self-employed, your most recent W-2
  • Proof of age and Social Security numbers of any family members who might be eligible for benefits
  • Proof of marriage if your spouse is applying for benefits

Bipartisan bill introduced to prevent fatal underride crashes

An underride crash occurs when a vehicle slides underneath a large truck, such as a tractor-trailer, in a collision. According to a report the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 114 fatalities in underride crashes in Tennessee from 1994 to 2015. While that number might not be as high as you might expect, it is too high for those families who have lost a loved one in an underride crash.

New legislation has recently been introduced by a Tennessee congressman and a New York senator. The goal is to prevent these deadly crashes. The law would require trucks to have underride guards. The families of victims of underride crashes joined the lawmakers when the bill was introduced. The mother of one of the victims was present. Her son had died near Memphis when a semitruck made a U-turn that was illegal and his vehicle crashed into the side of the truck.

Why is the trucking log such an important document?

Truck drivers all over Tennessee and the country are required to complete a document known as the trucking log. This document is kept on a clipboard in every truck that hits the roads and must be filled out by the driver on a regular basis. So, why is the trucking log such an important document? We will tackle this question in today's post.

The trucking log is important because it is commonly used as evidence in serious trucking accident cases. Since truck drivers are required to complete a log each time they drive, and do so honestly, these documents make for strong pieces of evidence in various truck accident cases.

Common medical malpractice injuries

Suffering an injury due to the negligence of your doctor or other medical professional is a difficult situation to deal with in Knoxville. No patient should have to endure an illness or injury because his or her doctor did not properly handle surgery or care. Today, we will take a look at the most common medical malpractice injuries.

Surgery errors are one of the most discussed types of medical malpractice injuries. You see stories about items being left inside patients who underwent surgery on the internet, in newspapers, on TV shows and in movies. This is a scary situation for patients all across the country. Other surgery errors include performing surgery on the wrong spot of the patient's body, performing the wrong type of surgery and even operating on the wrong person.

How you can avoid accidents this fall in Knoxville

Driving is a dangerous enough activity as it is. Combine it with the hazards you can experience during the fall season and driving can become overwhelmingly dangerous. The fall season brings deer, fog, sun glare, wet leaves and plenty of other hazards that can cause tragic accidents. Here's how you can avoid accidents this fall in Knoxville.

Deer are a big problem when the fall season rolls around because it's their mating season. That's why you see so many of them in and around Knoxville this time of year. You need to scan the sides of the road when you are driving. Look for those yellow eyes, which can be seen at times. If you see a deer, try to slow down in an effort to avoid a potential accident.

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