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Common dangers Tennessee construction workers face

According to data from the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR), more construction workers were killed in struck-by accidents between 2011 and 2015 than in any other industry. The data shows that during that period, more than 800 construction workers died in such incidents. Workers who were 65 or older were more likely than younger workers to die in this manner.

Of those who died, 52 percent were killed after being hit by equipment or objects other than vehicles. Of those who were struck by vehicles, 57 percent were struck in work zones, and highway maintenance workers were the most adversely affected. To keep construction workers safe, OSHA has created the Focus Four program. It aims to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by the four most common types of construction accidents.

Defective guardrails cause fatalities

Several families have filed lawsuits against the manufacturer and installer of X-LITE guardrail end terminals after accidents where the vehicles struck the end terminals, and they failed to perform as expected and caused fatalities.

Designed To Absorb The Force Of The Impact

The ends of guardrails are capped with end terminals which are intended to telescope. When a vehicle impacts the end of the guardrail, the end should collapse. This allows for the force of the impact to be absorbed more gradually, thereby minimizing the harm caused to vehicle occupants. 

Tennessee man faces federal charges in hit-and-run bike wreck

If you drive west of Knoxville for about three hours, you will come to the Franklin home of a Tennessee man accused of hitting a bicyclist on the Natchez Trace Parkway last month and then driving off, leaving the injured man in the road.

The school administrator faces federal charges after the hit-and-run accident on the national parkway. The Acting U.S. Attorney of the Middle District of Tennessee announced that the man has been indicted for reckless aggravated assault, lying to a federal agent and obstruction of justice.

Get to work on your claim after an accident at work

When an injury impacts your ability to work or costs a significant amount of money to treat, it can lead to a significant financial burden for your Tennessee family. It can be especially frustrating if you suffered this injury at work and need time off to recover. You may find yourself at a loss regarding what you should do next.

Your work accident injury can be costly, but you could have the right to financial recovery through workers' compensation benefits. While it can be a lengthy and complex process to secure these benefits, there are steps you could take to protect your interests in the event of a work accident.

What You Need to Know About Caps on Your Tort Claim

In 2011, despite intense lobbying from interested groups, including AARP and trial attorney associations, the Tennessee General Assembly approved a new bill that places caps on the amounts that plaintiffs can recover from defendants in personal injury suits. These mandatory caps may have an effect on the maximum amount of compensation you can recover.

Motorcycle Safety Saves Lives and Reduces Serious Injuries

There's nothing like the feeling of freedom cruising down the highway on a motorcycle, but when it comes to motor vehicle crashes, being on a motorcycle becomes a huge detriment. Unlike a car, which provides a driver with some measure of protection, in a crash, a motorcycle provides the rider almost no protection.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Cost Tennessee $1.15 Billion Yearly

Most people think of a motor vehicle accident in terms of the individual costs, both financial and emotional. When an accident results in a fatality, the individual costs are even higher. But what about for the state as a whole? Well, it turns out that the costs of deaths from motor vehicle crashes are also quite costly on a state level.

Information You Need to Document After an Accident

Even if you only suffer minor injuries, being in an accident can definitely shake you up. Documenting certain things after you've been involved in a car crash can help you later if you decide to pursue a claim for injuries suffered as a result of the accident. Information you collect can also help you with any insurance claim you plan to file.

Should Tennessee's Texting Law Be Stronger?

Everyone knows that texting while driving can be dangerous, but despite this, some people still do it. What are the penalties for texting while driving in Tennessee? Well, if you're caught texting while driving, the fine is $50, and points go on your license if you've violated another traffic law at the same time.

The Disability Determination Process

If you're applying for a Social Security Disability claim, you may find the disability determination process a little complex. How are disability determinations made, and how does a disability evaluation work for people who are seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits?

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