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How do I file a health and safety complaint?

Going to work should not be dangerous unless you work in an inherently dangerous profession like the emergency services, construction or demolition. Your workplace is required to follow rules, guidelines and safety procedures outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). So, how do you file a health and safety complaint with OSHA?

There are three methods available for you to file a health and safety complaint with OSHA. You can file a complaint online, via fax or mail and over the telephone. If you wish to file the complaint online you should ensure that it is a written complaint that is signed by either you as the employee or your legal representative. The complaint will then be investigated by an Area or Regional OSHA office.

How to spot a distracted truck driver in Tennessee

Trucks are an important part of the economy, which is why you see so many of them on the roads not only in Tennessee but also across the country. Truck drivers are not immune to distracted driving, which has become a bit of an epidemic of late. Here's how you can spot a distracted truck driver on the roads of Knoxville.

A big sign of a distracted truck driver is when the driver takes too long to resume driving activities at an intersection after the light changes from red to green. It's normal to wait a few seconds before accelerating when the light changes, but waiting much longer than that could be a sign that the driver is distracted.

Understanding why a claim was denied before submitting an appeal

The aftermath of suffering serious injuries in a workplace accident can be a stressful and daunting process. Following your accident, you might experience financial challenges that often accompany extensive medical costs, and if forced to take time off of work, you could be feeling somewhat overwhelmed and in need of relief.

Perhaps you chose to seek relief through the workers' compensation insurance system. The application process is challenging enough on its own, but what happens if your claim results in a denial?

Consult with an attorney if your Social Security claim is denied

If you have filed a claim for Social Security Disability and it has been denied, the most important step you can take is to consult with an attorney. You will want to protect your rights and find out all you can do to have any appeal you file be approved. If you didn't consult with an attorney before you filed the initial claim, now is the time to do so.

Claims that have been denied for non-medical or medical reasons can be appealed using the Social Security Administration's website. Requesting the appeal online also includes filing all documents you have for evidence digitally. Even if you live outside of the country, your appeal can still be filed using the agency's website.

Memphis VA Medical Center under fire for poor care

The Memphis VA Medical Center is coming under fire after continued reports of poor care. Statements were issued earlier in September by members of the congressional delegation from the state of Tennessee about the "reprehensible and unacceptable" quality of care reported at the VA.

An investigation by the USA Today network that included the release of thousands of documents found that veterans underwent unnecessary amputations and unintended paralyzations. The documents also revealed a list of government investigations into the Memphis VA facility that date back to 2011.

What are the most dangerous habits of distracted drivers?

Distracted driving has quickly become a big problem in the state of Tennessee and across the country. It might not have reached the status of epidemic yet, but it is getting there. Distracted driving is nothing new, but it has become more problematic ever since cellphones were introduced. It is an even bigger problem now that smartphones are present.

Eating or drinking when behind the wheel is a dangerous habit for drivers to have. This has been a cause of distracted driving ever since the automobile was invented. Drivers who concern themselves with looking for a snack can easily drive off the road. Also take into account spilling hot beverages as a distraction.

5 steps to reduce risk of workplace injury

Having a job should not be a dangerous part of life, unless you work as a first responder or in another type of inherently dangerous profession. You should feel safe at your job for two reasons: Your employer has put policies in place to protect you while at work and your co-workers operate safely.

You should never take shortcuts on the job. Even if your job does not seem dangerous, it's still possible for you to suffer an injury when you least expect it. Shortcuts will not benefit you in the long run and can lead to significant injuries.

Prepare yourself for driving near large trucks and buses

No matter how long you've been driving, things can quickly get scary when operating on the roads of Tennessee. There's no shortage of large trucks and buses in and around the Knoxville area. These vehicles are so difficult to drive near because of their size. Here are some tips to protect yourself when near trucks and buses.

Large trucks and buses have "no zones," or blind spots, that you should avoid as much as possible. Even if it means slowing down your speed until you have put plenty of distance between the two of you, you should stay out of blind spots. These areas are on all four sides of the vehicle, but are especially dangerous on the left and right sides of trucks and buses. If you cannot see the driver of the large vehicle in its side mirror, the driver won't be able to see you.

Truck driver safety may not always protect you on the road

When traveling the roadways, all drivers have the responsibility of doing their best to operate their vehicles as safely as possible. You may take the extra time to practice defensive driving techniques in order to remain alert and cautious when behind the wheel. Of course, even though you may take such steps, other individuals on the roads may still make you feel a bit nervous.

In particular, big rigs may instill a sense of apprehension whenever they come into view. These truck drivers — just like anyone else on Tennessee roads — could easily cause serious accidents if they do not practice caution. Unfortunately, some truck drivers may fail to take the following precautions, and you could end up suffering as a result.

Area of spinal injury could impact severity of outcomes

After any type of serious car accident, many people hope that the individuals involved escape uninjured. Unfortunately, these accidents commonly cause severe injuries that can sometimes prove life-altering. If you have suffered a severe injury to your spine as a result of a motor vehicle crash, you may face a different future than you imagined.

Depending on the area of the spine at which your injury occurred, the effects could differ considerably. Typically, if the affected area impacts a higher area of the spine, a greater chance exists for extremely negative outcomes to bodily functions and abilities.

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