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Valuable tips for those filing a Social Security Disability claim

If you have suffered a disabling illness or injury, then you probably know how this can affect your life in a negative way. In particular, your financial situation has likely taken a severe turn for the worst. Even Tennessee residents that have scrimped and saved for years soon discover that their savings are not enough to see their family through after a life-changing injury occurs.

We have seen even the strongest individual become filled with dread at the suggestion that it might be time to file a Social Security Disability (SSD) claim. We know that the process is confusing and even frightening for people, but the benefits of filing a successful claim far outweigh any negative aspects of the process.

Serious bone breaks after a car crash may need surgery

Serious injuries commonly happen after car accidents. You may have suffered injuries or, possibly worse, you may have had to witness your child suffer due to the injuries he or she suffered. Depending on the injury, doctors may present you with various treatment options, and in some cases, the procedures themselves may also be serious.

When it comes to treating and repairing broken bones, many fractures heal properly on their own as long as the limb or other area remains as immobile as possible. However, some breaks may be so severe that they require a surgical procedure in order to help the bone heal as best as possible, which also means that you or your child will have to face the risks that come along with an operation.

A look at summer pool injury risks

It is a hot summer in Tennessee, and one of the best ways to beat the heat is by taking a dip in the cool water of a swimming pool. While pools provide a pleasant respite from hot temperatures, they can also pose personal injury risks.

Drowning: Most people think it is easy to spot a swimmer in trouble. However, in many cases, drowning looks a lot like wading or floating. This is why public pools need trained lifeguards who are able to spot a distressed swimmer and respond quickly.

Distracted drivers slow Knoxville firefighters who receive calls

An interview late last month with firefighters working with the Knoxville Fire Department revealed why it may take them a little longer than it should to respond to calls for assistance. They often drive much slower than they'd otherwise have to in an effort to make sure that they don't collide with distracted drivers.

One firefighter interviewed by a local new agency recounted how often times, even though they may drive with their sirens blaring and lights flashing, there always is one motorist that doesn't move out of the way. As firefighters approach and look inside of those cars, they often either see motorists singing along with a song on the radio or looking at the screen of their phone.

3 suffer workplace injuries in a construction explosion

The construction injury across the nation is fraught with many dangers. It is one of the most dangerous industries in the country. Some of the common accidents that occur in construction include falling from heights, being struck by objects and construction vehicle incidents. These can lead to workplace injuries that take employees away from their jobs, resulting in missed work and lost wages.

Maintaining awareness about the risks associated with construction can keep workers safe, but even when safety is the topmost priority, workplace injuries can still occur. Recently, three construction workers in Cleveland, Tennessee, suffered undisclosed injuries in a mysterious explosion and flash fire.

Forklift accidents are preventable

Forklifts are useful pieces of equipment in many industries, most commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers in Tennessee and across the country. Although they may resemble personal vehicles, they are not, and if you are unfamiliar with the critical differences, you risk putting yourself and your co-workers in danger.

If you are responsible for operating a forklift on the job, it is essential to receive thorough training, including class instruction, hands-on experience and routine evaluation of your skills. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has explicit standards for the safe handling of forklifts, and even if you have had proper training, you can always use a refresher about the most basic elements of safety.

Uninsured or underinsured driver car accidents: What can you do?

Unfortunately, many motorists in Tennessee fail to comply with the mandatory insurance law. When one of these uninsured drivers strikes another motorist negligently, it can cause the victim many financial hardships. Most people injured in an uninsured driver car accident think they have no options to acquire recompense, but in some cases, additional solutions may be possible.

If you happen to have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage with your provider, you may be in a somewhat fair position to recover compensation for your property damage. Even better, some of these policies also cover personal injury suffered in a car accident. However, because uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is not yet mandatory in Tennessee, it is safe to assume most people do not carry this insurance.

Follow these steps if you have suffered a personal injury

Not all people who suffer a negligent personal injury know that they will go on to file a claim. In most cases, this decision comes in the aftermath of an injury when the consequences caused by the incident begin to manifest. For example, many victims do not consider filing personal injury claims until the medical bills come rolling in and they realize that they cannot cover these costly expenses.

Unfortunately, waiting too long to file an injury claim is detrimental to your case. In Tennessee, victims have only one year to seek a legal remedy for an "injury to person." For this reason, it is important to consider any negligent injury you may suffer as possible grounds to file a claim. To strengthen any potential lawsuit you may choose to file, follow these steps after an injury occurs.

  • Seek treatment for your injury as soon as possible
  • Gather all evidence associated with the events that caused your injury
  • Write down names and contact information of any witnesses
  • Make sure to save all medical bills and documentation related to the injury
  • Keep notes about any conversations you have with all involved parties
  • Speak to a personal injury attorney about your case as soon as you can

Communicating with your insurer after a Tennessee car accident

Each year, thousands of Tennessee drivers and passengers experience car accidents. Sometimes, these victims have luck in their pockets and emerge uninjured and with minimal property damage. Other times, victims suffer catastrophic injuries and a total loss of property. In either case, car accident victims have to deal with insurance companies eventually.

As with most things in life, there is a right way to manage discussions with insurance carriers and there is a wrong way. To help you protect your interests, we want to give you three important tips for communicating with insurance companies in the aftermath of a car accident.

Social Security Disability for sufferers of depression

Unfortunately, many Knoxville residents suffer horribly from severe depression. This condition affects a person's relationships and family, but it can also have an effect on a sufferer's ability to maintain employment. Many with severe depression often find it almost impossible to handle daily life tasks, much less hold down a steady job. As depression continues to be recognized as a legitimate, life-altering condition, more and more sufferers want to find out if they qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD).

As is the case with other life-changing conditions, depression patients may qualify for SSD. The benefits of receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) cannot be overstated. If approved, patients are typically better able to support themselves and to acquire quality treatment for their condition. However, it may be more challenging to receive a benefits award for mental conditions like depression.

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